Lyoban Hostel, Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico


The principal activity here in Zipolite is "just resting". Resting in a very magical environment with plenty of space and peace, living in touch with nature. It is something that all our visitors have described like "a magic world" very far from any civilization or noise.

The coexistence with guys from many different places, opened minded, lovers of nature, peace and freedom is in itself the main attraction, usually with very interesting and fun results.

The optional nudism that characterizes this place (mainly in the west part of the beach) reflects and represents a free and respectful attitude to all people as well as respect for a natural life style. It is NOT exactly a beach for families or kids althought they´re welcome, and it is not a family beach because over the years visitors have made this beach an special place for young people who like to "be and let be".

hammocks and cabins Here you can DO NOTHING and rest all day in a hammock and reading a good book, one that you brought or we can lend you one or two from our library. There you will find books from differnt languages and topics.

But if you are the kind of person that enjoys being active, here in LYOBAN as in Zipolite and its neighboardhood you´ll find lots of different activities:View of the beach front

Depending on the season you can find other activities like:

Surfing Zipolite Beach
SuRfinG In ZiPoLiTe

Zipolite offers a chance to have tons of fun playing with its big waves (surfing safely), because our lifeguards are very qualified and if you don´t know how to surf they can teach you very well.

Sometimes we have professional surf competitions with surfers from all over the world. If you are interested in a competition send us an e-mail and we will reply with the exact dates!

building sand castles
SaND cAstLEs oN ThE BeAcH

A very nice feature of Zipolite is that in the afternoon around the beach you can apreciate the work of some "sand-artists" that made or are making their "sand-master-pieces". You can see castles, mermaids, pyramids, animals, abstractions, nude sculptures etc...

Sometimes we organize competitions of sand erotic sculptures.

Diving on the Oaxacan coast
dIVIng ThE OaXaCAn cOAsT

One of thousands of activities that you can do here in Zipoite is diving, either with a snorkel or with a tank.

Walking to the west side of the beach you will find a beatiful rocky area with a natural diving pool, and inside you will see a very interesting ocean world, with plenty of muilticolored fish, beautiful reefs, and many beautiful species.

Boat rides in Zipolite
BOaTs aNd FIshInG TrIPs

With a boat you will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery of this place. Navigating along the coast is an unforgetable experience watching rocky cliffs, lagoons, or visiting a crocodiles´ hatchery near here.

On the other hand, fishing is a very relaxing experience and if you have good luck and you catch something, we can cook it for you!

Sea turtleVery near here (5 minutes) in the town called Mazunte you will find the Turtle Museum, which is a very big aquarium. There you will see a great collection of living turtles, in their own artificial enviroment. Another important part of this museum is the incubation chamber and the art show room. A main atraction of this museum is that at times throughout the year when the turtles are ready, the museum opens its doors to the tourists and villagers to help to the turtles to get down to the ocean and begin life in the sea. It is very impressive to see how the little turtles get into the ocean fighting for their freedom. We want to say that this Mexican organization is only one in the world that helps turtles this way.
neW YEar’s ParTY
Palm trees in sunset

At night on December 31, everybody goes to the west side of the beach called Shambala, meaning meditation hill in Zapotecan. When you get there the organizators give you a floral arrangement and a paper ship with a candle.

The local people of this magic place begin a ritual dance with brands, singing traditional songs and burning balls, everybody is dressed in white and some shamans perform a magical ceremony with the flowers that you recieve upon entry. Afterward you tie the flowers to a piece of wood and at midnight it is burnt in a magic ritual.

After that you place your candle-ship in the sea. It is a very magic experience, that everybody should try once. There are not enough words to describe the ceremony, which celebrates begining a new year.

After that you can go to your hotel (LYOBAN) to have an special dinner with traditional local drinks and food.


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