Lyoban Hostel, Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico


Your arrival of course will depend on your location, but for example if you come from Mexico city you have some options:



Flying to Huatulco´s airport or to the Puerto Escondido´s airport (55 minutes) and then take a bus or taxi to Zipolite.

There are official airport taxis (up to 8 people) for $924 pesos (50 minutes), or outside the airport on the road you can take an urban taxi (up to 4 people) for $ 350.00 pesos (50 minutes). Or you can take an urban bus over the main road, this bus comes by every 15 minutes and they take you to Pochutla and then you have to take another bus which take you to zipolite for about $ 25 pesos per/person. (90 minutes).

Comments: Taxi and bus in general are safe and you will be able to find them easily . The most commun and safe airline is "Mexicana de aviacion" with some weekly flights here, but there are other options as "magnicharters". We advise you to check with your travel agent.

Mexicana de Aviación
Phone 5448-0990
01-800-502 2000

A) México to Oaxaca (for roadway "150D") Leave Mexico City in the direction of Puebla and continuing until the turnoff to Oaxaca, from there to San Pedro Pochutla by means of a difficult road ("175") although you will see beautiful scenery. Finally you come down to Zipolite. (Total 650 km.)

B) On the México-Acapulco road(roadway "95D") a few kilometers before arriving to Acapulco you most take the turn ("200") which takes you to Pinotepa Nacional, Puerto Escondido, Pochutla and finally Zipolite. (Total 800 kms.)


A) México City-Pochutla via Oaxaca. We recommend you use the "Cristóbal Colon" bus company in the bus station known as TAPO.

B) México City-Pochutla via Acapulco. We recommend you leave from the Estación Sur (Estacion Taxqueña) on an Estrella Blanca Futura bus destined for San Pedro Pochutla. EJECUTIVE Class buses ($635 pesos) depart daily and FIRST class buses ($495 pesos) leave every friday, Saturday and Sunday. All buses depart in the late afternoon, arriving in San Pedro Pochutla in the early morning. From Pochutla you can either take a TAXI ($100 pesos) or a shared passenger truck ($10 pesos) to Zipolite.

Buses "Cristóbal Colon"
Phone 5133-2424
01-800-702 8000
"Estrella Blanca, Futura"
Phone 5729-0707
Ticket-Reservation online:


Phone from Mexico (01) (958) 5843177
Phone from all other countries + (52) (958) 5843177