Lyoban Hostel, Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico



A long, long time ago this beach was visited by the Zapotecans who made it a magical place. They used to come for meditation or resting.

Recently in the 60´s this beach was rediscovered by young people from all the world recognized as "hippies", who found in this magical place a great charm for living together with the natives. It was a new touristic concept. Lots of foreigners including Italians, French, Germans, and people from other countries made Zipolite their home.

Friends of Lyoban Hostel in Zipolite

Here we have a strong interest in living in touch with nature and the rustic life, far from the modern world with its complications and comforts. Here there is an open minded life style that minimizes the culture diferences, languages, beliefs, etc., of the various people.

The town is a collection of houses that offer services, restaurants, bars, discos, shops, and other features for visitors, where you can have very special adventure.

ZIPOLITE is a beach and an experience that any young person can´t miss!


Phone from Mexico (01) (958) 5843177
Phone from all other countries + (52) (958) 5843177